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Our work is unified by a focus on quality and founded in fire science, through which robust fire safety designs emerge. We team-up with architects, engineers, and scientists to combine skillsets to match the complexity of the challenges we face.

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Our teams act in the interest of our clients to manage every element of fire safety through design, procurement, materials and systems reviews, quality inspections, testing and commissioning to enable a successful project delivery and handover. We are at our strongest dealing with complex construction projects and collaborating with multiple agencies and stakeholders whilst always driving towards a successful delivery.

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At Joule Group, we cover all aspects of a building or facility’s fire safety operational requirements throughout its lifecycle. We work in partnership with our clients, giving independent, expert fire safety advice in response to our clients’ challenges and goals.

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Our engineers consider digital technology an enabler to facilitate the delivery of excellence in our work. The computational tools and technologies we use allow us to work more precisely and resolve fire safety challenges more thoroughly. Digitalisation, IoT, data collection and technology tools further support the compliance auditing and monitoring of operational buildings to bring about maintenance regimes that promote safer and more resilient environments for us to inhabit.

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Who we are

Joule Group is a leading international consultancy that is transforming fire safety and its management in the built environment.

We help our clients ensure safe and sustainable design, construction and operation over the lifecycle of buildings and infrastructure.

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What we do

Joule Group has the competencies and experience to support fire safety throughout the lifecycle of a building. From concept, design, construction, occupation through to demolition, our team have the skills to provide pragmatic and proportionate solutions across all sectors.

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