Joule Group is a leading international consultancy that is transforming fire safety and its management in the built environment.

We help our clients ensure safe and sustainable design, construction and operation over the lifecycle of buildings and infrastructure.

Our mission is to make the world a safer place through striving to ensure all aspects of fire safety are fully coordinated in design, construction, and operation across the built environment, delivering technical excellence wherever in the world we are working. We integrate innovative digital inspection solutions to simplify compliance and continually improve safety.

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At Joule Group we are driven by a powerful belief in the need to deliver excellence, integrity and honesty in everything we do.

We bring peace of mind and greater cost competitiveness to our clients with deep considerations to future proof designs. This means helping our customers ensure their assets perform well and sustainably and, in turn, providing their own customers with the confidence and security of knowing the properties they occupy adhere to the highest levels of fire safety performance and quality standards.

Our Planet

At Joule Group we understand our planet is a shared resource which we are entrusted to look after. We have a responsibility to consider the impact of our design and fire safety services to our environment now, and into the future. We embrace innovation in sustainable design and construction, supporting our clients and teams to play their part in sustainable development across the world.

This is why we firmly believe and are determined to bring excellence, accuracy and independent thinking to create built environments.

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