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Joule Group has the competencies and experience to support fire safety throughout the lifecycle of a building. From concept, design, construction, occupation through to demolition, our team have the skills to provide pragmatic and proportionate solutions across all sectors.


We ensure that all aspects of fire safety are coordinated in the design of buildings and infrastructure, providing services across strategic advisory, fire engineering design and consultancy, and analysis (including fire modelling, structural fire safety, evacuation modelling and radiation assessments). We leverage our extensive international fire safety experience to contribute to research and code development.

  • Strategic advisory
  • Fire engineering design and consultancy
  • Fire modelling analysis
  • Structural fire safety analysis
  • Evacuation modelling analysis
  • Radiation assessments analysis
  • Research and code development


We work collaboratively with key stakeholders throughout the construction of buildings and infrastructure to ensure adherence to the highest levels of fire safety standards, providing services including fire safety material reviews and inspections, testing and commissioning, construction fire safety, and operational readiness.

  • Fire safety material reviews and inspections
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Construction fire safety
  • Operational readiness


We provide customers with the confidence of knowing their assets adhere to the highest level of fire safety standards by implementing compliance solutions and continually improving safety. We provide external wall systems analysis, expert witness services, and fire safety governance.

  • External wall systems
  • Building safety
  • Expert witness
  • Fire safety governance

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