Abrahamic Family House

The Abrahamic Family House is a new interfaith complex in Abu Dhabi, UAE, designed to bring together the three Abrahamic faiths - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It serves as a hub for interfaith dialogue, education, and community building, promoting mutual understanding and respect among different religious communities. Joule Group were appointed by Arcadis to provide peer review services reviewing the design consultant’s work.

Project Delivery

Joule Group were brought to the project in 2020 in the final stages to undertake a peer review on the consultant’s fire life safety strategy design.​ Joule Group undertook a code compliance review against the UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice to check the project for full and relevant compliance with the aspects of the code.​ Joule Group provided commentary and resolution, and led workshops with the key stakeholders to deliver the project safely, successfully, and on time.

Project Abrahamic Family House
Sector Cultural / Heritage
Client Arcadis
Services provided Peer review services
Location Abu Dhabi
Region UAE

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