Frankham Street

Joule Group were commissioned to complete an EWS1 assessment for Phase 1 of the low-rise, five storey Frankham Street buildings as the project was developed in multiple phases. The aim of the project was to ensure the external walls for each Block were in compliance with the Building Regulations at the time of construction.

Project Delivery

Over the course of the construction, Joule Group were involved in design meetings and provided advice to ensure that non-combustible materials were used where necessary, and cavity barriers where they should be provided. Following this, Joule Group attended regular site visits with the construction team to ensure that the installation was in line with the design protocols. Upon completion of the construction phase, Joule Group provided the Client with a final report which included site visit reports and the EWS1 certificate for all three blocks.

Project Frankham Street
Sector Fa├žade
Client Peabody
Services provided EWS1 certification, External walls assessment, Material compliance advisory
Location Lewisham
Region UK

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