North Souks, Beirut

The North Souks Department Store is a mixed-use five-storey new development located in the Beirut Souks development complex in the Lebanese capital. It consists of two interlinked and adjoining buildings. The façade of the North Souks Department Store was subject to a blast and a fire event that occurred in 2020. The two events led to the need to develop a rectification strategy for the façade. Therefore, a façade upgrade project is now being undertaken.

Project Delivery

Joule Group were appointed by FCG Middle East SAL to carry out a desktop fire safety assessment of the external façade and roof of the North Souks Department Store, a notable development designed by Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) located in Beirut, Lebanon. Joule Group’s role on the project was associated with assessing the fire performance in terms of combustibility and fire spread of the façade and roof materials. A façade upgrade project was undertaken. As part of the rectification strategy for the project, the fire safety performance of façade and roof materials were assessed and upgraded where necessary.

Project North Souks, Beirut
Sector Façade
Client FCG Middle East
Samir Khairallah & Partners
Services provided Façade consultancy, Specialist fire life safety strategy
Location Beirut
Region Lebanon

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