Tarmac Mountsorrel Quarry

Redevelopment of a new Screen House provision for the Tarmac Mountsorrel site due to a recent fire which destroyed the existing facility. The key function of the facility is to sort quarried aggregates ahead of final distribution to holding areas across the site. The structure is fed by an existing conveyor belt provision but also contains a new internal conveyor and screen system, distributed across 10 full and intermediate floors.

Project Delivery

Joule Group have been directly supporting the design team at Farrans Construction and a number of highly specialist sub-consultants to develop a risk-based fire strategy approach for the proposed screen house. Due to the specific nature of the building, the Building Regulations were not applicable, hence a fully tailored approach to fire safety was developed with a focus on business continuity and property protection. However, as the structure will be accommodated from time-to-time, consideration to fire life safety was developed and reasoning presented to the design team to facilitate adequate means of escape provisions despite the non-applicability of the Building Regulations. In order to support the implementation of the fire strategy, Joule Group have assisted the design team during the design process through attendance on site and at virtual meetings. This approach was also necessary to overcome stringent project timescales due to production delays across the site.

Project Tarmac Mountsorrel Quarry
Sector Industrial / Manufacturing
Client Farrans Construction
Services provided Risk-based fire strategy, Technical support
Location Leicestershire
Region UK

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